Residential Cockroach Extermination

In Australia, there are six identified species of Cockroach. The worst of these is the German Cockroach with a lifespan of 200 days and the potential to produce more than 200 offspring in her maturity.

As part of our residential pest control, we treat indoor and outdoor cockroaches with the use of poison gels and sprays. Each level of infestation is assessed by our licensed technician to determine the approach required to control and exterminate the pests.

Treatments for indoor & outdoor cockroaches

Assess each level of infestation

Use of poison gel & sprays

Commercial Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are one of the biggest health and safety hazards within businesses. The cockroaches are often covered in germs and cause severe contamination when working with foods. We manage health and safety department compliance when undertaking cockroach extermination to both eliminate the pest and control the situation for the future to keep you open and trading.

The typical species of cockroach found in food prep areas is the German Cockroach which has an exceptional rate of breeding. In its lifespan of 200 days, a cockroach can produce more than 200 nymphs, and very quickly a small infestation can result in the business being closed until compliance is met.

At Infinity Pest Solutions, we provide you with a fully comprehensive folder containing all our business details as well as a pest sighting log and a monitoring checklist for our technicians to use as communication with the business owner and possibly even a health inspector.

All our commercial pest control work comes with a pest management folder that meets local council approval included in the folder are:

  • All MSDS on all chemicals used
  • Certificates of attainment (urban pest management cert III)
  • Contact and service details
  • Pest control license as issued by DHHS
  • Job safety analysis JSA
  • Pest control log
  • Pest service reports
  • Recommendations
  • Maps
  • Pest management register
  • Public liability certificate
  • Welcome letter