Residential Rodent Extermination

At Infinity Pest Solutions, we can determine the type of rodent by examining the evidence found around the property. Rodents include rats and mice which are two of the more common mammals that belong to the order Rodentia. Australia is home to more than 60 native rodent species and three introduced pest species. Rodents are incredibly destructive and can chew through metals, timber, and electrical wiring. This is because their teeth never stop growing and are required to gnaw materials to keep their teeth at a manageable length.

As part of our rodent removal services, we will use a single-dose rodenticide and identify possible entrance and exit points for rodents that have infested your property, so you can prevent further problems from occurring.

Commercial Rodent Extermination

Rodents are a big problem when operating a business. They are known for chewing electrical components and other materials as well as being notorious spreaders of disease.

Our rodent removal methods utilise lockable bait stations with rodenticides placed inside them. Depending on the level of infestation, we regularly monitor these stations to determine where they are located and to determine whether the rodent extermination plan we have in place is working or if other measures are required to solve the problem.

At Infinity Pest Solutions, we provide you with a fully comprehensive folder containing all our business details as well as a pest sighting log and a monitoring checklist for our technicians to use as communication with the business owner and possibly even a health inspector.

All our commercial pest control work comes with a pest management folder that meets local council approval included in the folder are:

  • All MSDS on all chemicals used
  • Certificates of attainment (urban pest management cert III)
  • Contact and service details
  • Pest control license as issued by DHHS
  • Job safety analysis JSA
  • Pest control log
  • Pest service reports
  • Recommendations
  • Maps
  • Pest management register
  • Public liability certificate
  • Welcome letter