Infinity Pest Solutions

Residential Pest Inspections

Residential pest inspections are extremely important in protecting your family and loved ones from disease, stings, and venomous bites, not to mention property damage or even fire. At Infinity Pest Solutions we offer complete residential pest inspections, inspecting for pests such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders, flies, wasps, ants, bed bugs, possums, fleas, all textile pests, and more. Our residential inspections also include end-of-lease treatments, maintenance pest programs, and comprehensive pest treatments. All of our inspections and treatments are pet and child considerate. We do a thorough job safety analysis on all jobs before we start ensuring your children, pets the environment, and yourself are safe.

Maintenance Pest Program & Treatments

Our technician will complete a comprehensive pest report and recommend a pest maintenance program to keep your creepy crawly and disease-ridden pests at bay. Our pest reports may recommend an annual, half yearly or even monthly pest control treatment. On our inspection we will also recommend natural and preventative measures to help control and eliminate pests such as proofing, proofing is sealing gaps, pruning tree, rubbish removal, hygiene weather strips on doors and so on. Remove a source remove the pest.