Residential End Of Lease Treatment

Fleas are often known as pests for pets. Although these insects prefer to survive in the hair of an animal, they will bite both the animal and its owners. There are 2500 species of external parasites that use birds and mammals to survive. A flea is approximately 2mm to 8mm in length and has large hind legs that enable them to jump long distances.

A full blanket spray of the house is recommended as well as getting medication for the pets in the house. A warm bath with a flea or medicated shampoo is also recommended.

We also offer end of lease flea treatments for real estate compliance.

Commercial End Of Lease Treatment

Some businesses working with animals may encounter fleas on their property and may be under obligation to complete an end of lease treatment for fleas. Fleas are a blood meal insect which means they feed on both the blood of humans and animals leaving an itchy bite.

We will happily do a thorough inspection and treat the property for fleas to meet the property owner’s request.

In the commercial world being pest free is an absolute must, the risk of not having a pest program or IPM (integrated pest management) in place could greatly affect your customers and clients and not to mention your productivity and reputation. At Infinity Pest Solutions we offer a complete commercial pest inspection, inspecting for pests such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders, flies, wasps, ants, bed bugs possums, fleas, all textile pests and more. Along with our inspections we offer a complete and comprehensive pest program or integrated pest program that meets local council needs.

All our commercial work comes with pest management folder which meets local council approval included in the folder are:

  • All MSDS on all chemicals use
  • Certificates of attainment (urban pest management cert III)
  • Contact and service details
  • Pest control license as issues DHHS
  • Job safety analysis JSA
  • Pest control log
  • Pest service reports
  • Recommendations
  • Maps
  • Pest management register
  • Public liability certificate
  • Welcome letter