Residential Fly Control

Flies are a common pest found in residential and commercial properties around Australia. There are many different species, and they are all attracted to different environments. There are 10 common pest species of flies in Australia. These species are known for spreading diseases because they freely feed on the food we eat, waste products, and rotting flesh.

The methods we use as part of our residential pest inspection to control flies include Lumos fly lights and pesticides.

Commercial Fly Control

Flies are annoying little insects that are the last thing you need when trying to operate a successful business. They can disturb both customers and employees with their persistent nature. Not only are they annoying but they are dirty creatures that often feed on dirty substances spreading germs throughout your organisation.

We offer both chemical treatment and a physical Lumos light in order to control the flies. With the Lumos lights, it is important that the sticky pad that catches the flies is changed regularly. The traditional bug zapper is no longer allowed in commercial environments due to the risk of insect parts littering throughout the business.

At Infinity Pest Solutions, we provide you with a fully comprehensive folder containing all our business details as well as a pest sighting log and a monitoring checklist for our technicians to use as communication with the business owner and possibly even a health inspector.

All our commercial pest control work comes with a pest management folder that meets local council approval included in the folder are:

  • All MSDS on all chemicals used
  • Certificates of attainment (urban pest management cert III)
  • Contact and service details
  • Pest control license as issued by DHHS
  • Job safety analysis JSA
  • Pest control log
  • Pest service reports
  • Recommendations
  • Maps
  • Pest management register
  • Public liability certificate
  • Welcome letter