Infinity Pest Solutions

Residential Ant Control

There are over 1300 species of native ant in Australia however the black house ant and white footed house and are the species that predominately bother people inside their home, getting into pantries and cupboards scavenging for any food left unsealed. These ants are approximately 3mm in length and are often found in large colonies. There are also larger ant species in Australia such as the bull ant and carpenter ant which can give you a nasty bite if they feel threatened.

While every ant requires a different treatment, our licensed technicians undergo training, so they know how to handle any situation during our residential pest control.

Commercial Ant Control

At Infinity Pest Solutions, we provide you with a fully comprehensive folder containing all our business details as well as a pest sighting log and a monitoring checklist for our technicians to use as communication to the business owner and possibly even a health inspector.

All our commercial pest control work comes with a pest management folder that meets local council approval included in the folder are:

  • All MSDS on all chemicals used
  • Certificates of attainment (urban pest management cert III)
  • Contact and service details
  • Pest control license as issued by the DHHS
  • Job safety analysis JSA
  • Pest control log
  • Pest service reports
  • Recommendations
  • Maps
  • Pest management register
  • Public liability certificate
  • Welcome letter