cockroach infestation

Cockroaches are hardy little critters, and once they get a foothold in your building, they can be extraordinarily difficult to remove. Luckily, we are cockroach extermination experts for all your Essendon pest control needs. You may have heard the stories about how cockroaches can survive nuclear blasts, and while it is true that they can withstand extraordinary levels of radiation (much more than humans), they are not impossible to exterminate from your property. However, the longer a cockroach situation is left unchecked, the more drastic, timely, and costly measures are required to get the situation under control.

Why exterminate a cockroach population?

So, why is it important to get a pest control service provider to complete cockroach extermination? Cockroaches breed rapidly, so a small issue can rapidly spiral into a larger one. Cockroaches carry diseases and bacteria that can lead to health concerns such as stomach illnesses, allergens, asthma, or respiratory issues. They love to target food, and will easily make their way into pantries, kitchens (residential or commercial) or any places where food is left out, contaminating and spoiling produce. This is especially important for hospitality venues; a cockroach infestation will violate health and safety guidelines and damage the company’s reputation if customers see cockroaches scurrying around the establishment. Severe infestations may have financial penalties if the business requires closing for fumigation or extended pest control measures.

The process of exterminating a large cockroach population requires professional experience and equipment. Therefore, it is important to get in contact with one of our Essendon pest control specialists as early as possible.

About cockroaches:

The most common species of cockroach you will find in Melbourne kitchens is the German Cockroach, this species had an extraordinarily rapid breeding time, a population of 2 can expand into hundreds within a matter of weeks. Over its 200-day lifespan, a single female roach can produce 200 nymphs. The bugs love to nest in or near electrical appliances such as servers, coffee machines, printers or even computers, where it is dark and remains warm. Open packets or easily accessible food will naturally attract a population, as cockroaches will consume almost any animal or vegetable material, including paper and fabric.

Most activity will occur around night-time or when the room is dark. Cockroaches are nocturnal, hence why they will usually locate dark spaces to nest (harbourage) within. In one of these harbourages, hundreds of cockroaches can be gathered within proximity, these locations must be targeted with pest control measures to reduce the population. If a harbourage is overlooked or not located, control measures may be ineffective, as the population will expand rapidly once again. If you see multiple cockroaches scurrying around your workspace in the open during the day, it is a strong sign that a larger infestation exists, as it most likely means a harbourage is full and the cockroach is looking for a new place to nest. In this scenario, it is time to get in contact with a cockroach extermination business.

How can I control a cockroach infestation?

What measures can I use to control a cockroach infestation? A combination of measures is required. Whilst we can provide insecticide solutions to stem population growth, it is essential to keep the environment hygienic and clean. Dirty dishes, cutlery etc. should not be left out overnight, and all food should be sealed. Garbage and paper-based recycling should be disposed of frequently and correctly.

What can a cockroach extermination specialist provide?

Our Essendon pest control specialists will utilise cockroach gel baits to place around your home or workspace, these gels are insecticidal, but simultaneously are a very attractive snack for cockroach populations. We place pea-sized gel drops in strategic locations near harbourages, food, or warm areas. Usually, this will be on or next to electrical goods, sinks, and cupboards. These gels will be ingested by the cockroaches and poison the cockroach’s system, causing them to die a few hours after ingestion. As mentioned, cockroaches will eat absolutely anything, including dead cockroaches and fecal matter. As the cockroach returns to the harbourage and dies, the other cockroaches will consume the dead one, passing on the gel to more cockroaches in the harbourage. This process continues cyclically until hopefully, the harbourage is extinguished. However, if this method is ineffective and the infestation is too large, more intense insecticidal measures may be required such as fumigating. However, this usually is not required if action is taken early enough.

If you think your place of residence or business within the Melbourne metropolitan area has a cockroach infestation and requires cockroach extermination, contact our Essendon pest control team. With an experienced and qualified crew (all trained urban pest management cert III), proven results, and a 6-month warranty on cockroach population control, we will ensure an effective extermination response and solution for you.

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