As experts in pest control in the Mornington Peninsula, we often find that businesses overlook pest control until it is too late. When left unattended, a small problem can easily lead to an infestation posing not only a health risk but a financial one. Prevention is the best approach to pest control, so it’s integral that you ensure your business takes appropriate preventative measures from the very beginning. Here, we’ve outlined the top three reasons to establish routine pest control and management for your business by exploring the true costs of not having preventative strategies in place.

Prevents physical damage and the need for repairs

Many don’t consider the risk of physical damage to the building’s structure that pests can cause, and too often the full extent of the damage is not discovered until long after the infestation has taken hold. If a pest infestation is not responded to quickly and appropriately, infestations can make a structure unsafe to live in.

Whether it’s possums creating an entrance to living within the building’s roof or rodents chewing holes in your building’s structure and electrical wires to create entrance and exit points while living within the walls, pests can easily damage the interior and exterior walls of the building. This leaves your building’s structure open to further damage from weather and mould. Other pests can be more difficult to see from the outset, like wasp colonies within wall cavities. Nevertheless, if a pest infestation takes hold, the costs are much larger than simply their removal from the property.


Ensures employee health and safety

To maintain a healthy office environment, your site needs to remain free from pests and the viruses and bacteria that they carry. The presence of insects like cockroaches can cause allergies and respiratory issues while also carrying bacteria that can lead to stomach illnesses and unsafe food environments.

Risks to employee health will lead to costly impacts like legal action or employees leaving the company and the costs of rehiring, which are much worse than the costs of being proactive with your pest management.


Protects the company’s reputation (particularly in the hospitality industry)

News of an infestation will quickly make a business an avoided site, both by employees and guests. This is particularly true for the hospitality industry, as news of a pest infestation in a local restaurant or hotel will quickly spread and deter new guests.

Word of an infestation can irreparably damage the business’s reputation, with a lingering inference that the business has unsafe or unclean practices and employees have poor food safety and handling skills. To avoid pests in the kitchen and office areas, remember to always store food in sealed containers and ensure the kitchen is regularly cleaned of any crumbs and rubbish that may attract pests is routinely removed from the office space.


Why you should choose a qualified pest control service like Infinity Pest Solutions

By choosing a reliable pest control business like Infinity Pest Solutions, you guarantee that your business is maintained appropriately and safely according to industry health guidelines. Our friendly team of professionals comes with all the necessary pest control licenses and certificates needed to safely inspect your commercial building. Our assessment will identify entry points and develop a customised plan to protect your business and surroundings through routine inspections and tailored management.

Our team values communication with structured reporting systems in place through our comprehensive and council-approved pest management folder. This complete folder contains a pest sightings log, management register, and reports with a collection of all MSDS for any used chemicals. With clear recommendations and discrete service visits that fit your business’s schedule, you can ensure that your employees are safe from the health risks of rodents, wasps, or cockroaches.


Looking for a trusted pest control service in Mornington Peninsula?

As experts in pest control in Mornington Peninsula, we know how integral it is to act fast at the first sign of an infestation in your business. As carriers of germs, many pests such as cockroaches and rats can breed quickly and severely contaminate workspaces and kitchen offices and close hospitality businesses. Thankfully, our friendly and reliable team offers a range of preventative services to ensure your site never reaches this point.

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